Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unexpected Needles - Ouch!

There is nothing more I hate in this world than needles, with the exception of balloons. I am terrified of them and whine like a 2 year old when I have to get them. Since I am going back to school, for early childhood care, I have to get an immunization sheet signed by my doctor indicating that I am up to date with my shots. Well since I am deathly terrified of needles, I have not gotten any shots since who knows when. Today I made an appointment to go see my doctor to get my sheet signed. I was crusing down the road all happy listening to music without a care in the world. When I got to the doctors I found out that I need ALL of my shots, not just one. AHHHH! Right then and there he sent me to see the nurse and pricked me with the first needle. "Owwww" I rubbed my arm with a sad look on my face. I was then told to come back tomorrow for a blood test (which is worse than a shot to the arm) to determine if I still have antibodies for Hep B and MMR. My guess is no. This is worse now that I know what is in store for me. Today wasn't so bad since I was oblivious to the fact that I was going to be abused by the nurse with a sharp object. I left the doctors office very quietly, walked slowly to my car and drove home staring into the abyss with no music on wondering what just happened back there? This isn't the first time I've been to the doctor and he surprised me with a needle. I guess in my opinion it is better for me that way or else I might never go to the doctors. I guess it wasn't that bad.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Never Ending River Ride

You know how sometimes things start out very fun and you are really excited but then they just continue on too long to a point where you've had enough? Well........ Today was a gorgeous day - my sister and I did not want to waste it. We decided what fun it would be to go rafting down the Credit River. We went to Canadian Tire and bought pool toy floatation devices. The ones you lay down on with the pillow for your head. We were set! We left the house, taking two cars, and headed to our end point to drop off my car. Our end point, we decided, would be Streetsville Memorial Park. We drove off leaving my car there and headed to our start point which was Eldorado Park in Brampton. My sister figured the approximate time of the ride would be 2 hours. I just have to say now: How on earth could she know that!!?? Anyway I figured she must know something and just went along with it. Boy was I naive.
When we arrived at the park we excitedly hopped out of our car and grabbed our rafts. We headed down to the river and guess what? baptisms were taking place. There were over 100 people half on each side of the river singing Amazing Grace while a priest dunked the boys under the water. It looked to me like they were drowning. Anyway we walked a bit further down the river, jumped on our rafts and we were off! It was amazing. The scenery was rather beautiful and very peaceful. Floating down the river and listening to nothing but the flowing water was very tranquil and soothing. I must have mentioned more than fifteen times how wonderful it was and that it was the best idea ever! About an hour in we were already making plans to go again next weekend.
As our ride continued we came across fast moving shallow water and slow moving deeper water. It was fun, for awhile. About 2 hours in we still had no idea where we were and did not see any signs of civilization on either side of the river. So we continued on. What else were we going to do? Just then we hit some fast moving water again and the current took us right into a large tree that was hanging over the river. My sister hit it first, flipped off the raft and was clinging on under the tree for dear life. I got off and tried to help her only to lose one of my flip flops. We regained control and were out of the situation in 3 minutes but now I was minus a shoe. About 3 hours in we started to get very antsy and wondered if it was going to end soon. Still nothing so all we could do was continue. At the 3 and a half hour mark I was beginning to make jokes like "I think this is it for us, we might not make it out alive." I was getting very hungry. I started to imagine that I was lost at sea on my little life raft and was never going to be found. We came to a point where a man was in the river playing with his dog. I asked him where we were and told him where we wanted to go. He said "Oh you are very close, not that much further." This gave me a boost of energy and hope that it would all be over soon so we paddled harder and faster. At 4 hours in we still saw no signs of the park we wanted to be at so we gave up and pulled over to the side and got out of the river. We climbed up a small hill and emerged from the bushes like crazy people. We ended up right on a trail where people were bike riding and jogging. We were walking trough the trail with rafts and I was shoeless (well I had one shoe on - which in my perspective makes me look crazy). we walked through the trail and found a familiar road which would take us back to my car. This walk we embarked on took us just about an hour. Grrrrr. Finally!!! We made it back to my car. The back of our legs were so severely sun burned that it hurt to sit in the car. We drove down the street to the nearest Subway to replenish ourselves. As we entered the Subway the two guys working behind the counter just stared at us. We were wearing shirts and bathing suit bottoms. We were very badly sun burned and I had only one shoe one and our hair was frizzed. We appeared to be dishevelled and worn out. Just as we were paying for our food, my poor sister fainted right there on the Subway floor. I got her up and put her in the car. We headed home and decided that this was it for this year. Maybe we will try again next year - oh and a much shorter distance next time. So much for fun in the sun.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Very "Interesting" Pictures

I was looking online for weird pictures. Here are some that I found.
I don't know if this is even possible. I think this is definitely photo-shoped. Then again, some people can do amazing things....

Eww this is just gross. I can imaging the feeling of fish against the bottom of your feet and it isn't good! The ought to give you the stinkiest feet ever. 

Ok. What is this? The little ones are kind of cute??

This is one of the weirdest stuffed animals I have ever come across. I love stuffed animals maybe even these two.... 

Very interesting. I want some. I would love to see what kind of reaction I could get from wearing these out one night!

Last but not least my favourite. I love this sign. I guess the first part is indicating where you put the toilet paper but the best part is the "NO DOUBLE DECKERS"! I love this. I didn't know until recently what a double decker is let alone that people actually do this. I love that they made a sign for this!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Facebook Games Are Addicting - Part 2

WOW! I am officially a big nerd with a facebook app obsession! Tiki Resort is like crack! I can't get enough of it... I have levelled up at an amazingly fast rate over the past week. I am now realizing that I require more neighbours in order to upgrade some of my attractions. In an attempt to gain more neighbours, I have:
1) Gotten my cousin and friend to sign up (neither of them care to play)
2) Sent out numerous requests to most of my facebook friends (which I'm sure have all been ignored)
3) Sadly, created two fake facebook accounts (this has been most successful!)
To go further into depth about number 3, it required a lengthly process. First I had to create email accounts for my fake friends. Then I went into facebook and created accounts for them as well as added a picture ( a random picture of someone off the internet). Once that was complete I had to request my own friendship. This required logging in and out of accounts to request and accept friendships. Once I had my "new" friends, I added the Tiki Resort app and requested they be my neighbours. I was proud of myself and excited that I could now upgrade a couple off attractions on my island. I attempted to create more than two fake facebook accounts but guess what? Facebook is smart. It knew what I was doing and would not let me create any more accounts :(
Anyway so I guess it goes to show I have a bad obsession with this game if that is what I am willing to do. I wonder if the novelty of it will wear off one day...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Games Are Addicting

 I always swore to myself I would never get involved. I never understood people who play Farmville and thought that it was so pointless. I made my judgement based upon a thought and never actually checked out the game. I recently had a request for Tiki Resort. Intrigued, I clicked on it and instantly a huge smile appeared on my face! I now welcome myself to the world of Facebook games. I, sadly, have become so addicted to Tiki Resort. You get your own island and the object of it is to build attractions and upgrade them to get to higher levels. This may sound quite boring but believe me - IT IS ADDICTING! I just started this game about a week ago and my island is already thriving! Like a loser, I actually took my computer to my cousins barbecue so I could monitor my island and make sure I was collecting my money and making upgrades (this goes further to prove my point of my earlier blog that I must be a nerd - nerd status confirmed! lol). The two pictures included here are both my islands. I had one and then I was actually able to buy a second island! This is very exciting and I have no idea why lol. I welcome anyone who wants to get involved to let me know. It takes less than ten minutes to figure it out and become addicted - then you will have countless hours of fun for days  and days until it really hits you - what am I doing? 

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Scary Maze Game

The Scary Maze Game is awesome if you haven't already heard about it. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and you get a great scare at the end. The object of the game is to move a small speck through a maze and attempt to reach level 4. Well there is no level 4 just as you are finishing level 3 a scary face pops up at you and believe me it freaked me out! That's probably because I'm so jumpy to begin with, practically anything will scare me - on a side note to prove it to you - If I am in my room doing my hair in front of my mirror, all my sister has to do is walk in and stand there. Then when I look up into the mirror and see her there I scream and my heart skips a beat. It's frightening and very true. This happens quite often to me :(
So anyway this is a great game to scare your friends and family while you take part in the sheer enjoyment of watching them trying to succeed in passing the game while you know what is coming! Below are some videos of parents scaring their children with the game. It's absolutely hilarious but a bit sad too. Watch them and see.

What I like to do is egg people on and tell them that I have never seen anyone get to level 4. This gets them really determined and concentrated on the game. It's great if you have a video camera and record them doing it so you can laugh over and over again! If they want to know why you are recording them just tell them that in case they do reach level 4 you want proof. You can find the link to the game here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Must be a Nerd

I started my blog about a week and a half ago and I still have only two followers. I log on everyday with anticipation and excitement that maybe today is the day I will have another follower, yey!  My excitement quickly fades to disappointment as I stare at my computer screen with a blank look - only two followers. I have come to only one conclusion: I must be a nerd. I guess I have secretly know this for awhile now. I think that 'nerdism' runs in my family. My cousin has "come out" and does not deny the fact that she is a nerd. She even has visual proof - you can read about it here. My sister has agreed that she too is a nerd (one of those techie computer types). My father used to chant about being a geek from nerd mountain. You don't get much nerdier than that! Despite my family, I thought my popularity would surely grow if only I had a blog. Blogs are the cool thing to do now right? Celebs are always talking about their blogs. I figured why not jump on the bandwagon and make a blog too! I guess I had some diluted thoughts that I would write all these interesting things and people would want to read my blogs and follow me. I blog as though I'm writing to millions of people on the internet when in reality it is only two people. This delusional thought makes blogging fun for me.
I the biggest thing of all that confirms my nerd status is that I am cracking myself up writing this blog and still think that more than two people might read this!
Well to my two followers I love you and I have hope that soon I will be one of those popular bloggers on the internet, you know, the one that everyone is talking about.