Friday, August 13, 2010

The Scary Maze Game

The Scary Maze Game is awesome if you haven't already heard about it. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and you get a great scare at the end. The object of the game is to move a small speck through a maze and attempt to reach level 4. Well there is no level 4 just as you are finishing level 3 a scary face pops up at you and believe me it freaked me out! That's probably because I'm so jumpy to begin with, practically anything will scare me - on a side note to prove it to you - If I am in my room doing my hair in front of my mirror, all my sister has to do is walk in and stand there. Then when I look up into the mirror and see her there I scream and my heart skips a beat. It's frightening and very true. This happens quite often to me :(
So anyway this is a great game to scare your friends and family while you take part in the sheer enjoyment of watching them trying to succeed in passing the game while you know what is coming! Below are some videos of parents scaring their children with the game. It's absolutely hilarious but a bit sad too. Watch them and see.

What I like to do is egg people on and tell them that I have never seen anyone get to level 4. This gets them really determined and concentrated on the game. It's great if you have a video camera and record them doing it so you can laugh over and over again! If they want to know why you are recording them just tell them that in case they do reach level 4 you want proof. You can find the link to the game here.


  1. Scary Maze Game scares me.. haha.

    If you want to upload videos into your blog, this is what you do:

    Go to Youtube and find the video you want. Click Share. When you click it, a bunch of butons pop up. Click the one that says "Blogger". It should make a window pop up. In that window is the HTML code to upload it. Copy and paste that into your blog and volia.

  2. It didn't really work for me - I got lost somewhere with the HTML code.... :(