Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Games Are Addicting

 I always swore to myself I would never get involved. I never understood people who play Farmville and thought that it was so pointless. I made my judgement based upon a thought and never actually checked out the game. I recently had a request for Tiki Resort. Intrigued, I clicked on it and instantly a huge smile appeared on my face! I now welcome myself to the world of Facebook games. I, sadly, have become so addicted to Tiki Resort. You get your own island and the object of it is to build attractions and upgrade them to get to higher levels. This may sound quite boring but believe me - IT IS ADDICTING! I just started this game about a week ago and my island is already thriving! Like a loser, I actually took my computer to my cousins barbecue so I could monitor my island and make sure I was collecting my money and making upgrades (this goes further to prove my point of my earlier blog that I must be a nerd - nerd status confirmed! lol). The two pictures included here are both my islands. I had one and then I was actually able to buy a second island! This is very exciting and I have no idea why lol. I welcome anyone who wants to get involved to let me know. It takes less than ten minutes to figure it out and become addicted - then you will have countless hours of fun for days  and days until it really hits you - what am I doing? 

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