Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Must be a Nerd

I started my blog about a week and a half ago and I still have only two followers. I log on everyday with anticipation and excitement that maybe today is the day I will have another follower, yey!  My excitement quickly fades to disappointment as I stare at my computer screen with a blank look - only two followers. I have come to only one conclusion: I must be a nerd. I guess I have secretly know this for awhile now. I think that 'nerdism' runs in my family. My cousin has "come out" and does not deny the fact that she is a nerd. She even has visual proof - you can read about it here. My sister has agreed that she too is a nerd (one of those techie computer types). My father used to chant about being a geek from nerd mountain. You don't get much nerdier than that! Despite my family, I thought my popularity would surely grow if only I had a blog. Blogs are the cool thing to do now right? Celebs are always talking about their blogs. I figured why not jump on the bandwagon and make a blog too! I guess I had some diluted thoughts that I would write all these interesting things and people would want to read my blogs and follow me. I blog as though I'm writing to millions of people on the internet when in reality it is only two people. This delusional thought makes blogging fun for me.
I the biggest thing of all that confirms my nerd status is that I am cracking myself up writing this blog and still think that more than two people might read this!
Well to my two followers I love you and I have hope that soon I will be one of those popular bloggers on the internet, you know, the one that everyone is talking about.


  1. Haha, I remember "Nerd Mountain!" Maybe that's why we're all nerds...

    It is true I am proud of being a nerd, but your blog just needs to get more exposure. It's hard at first! If you comment anywhere, make sure to leave the link to your blog. That's how I found some of the blogs I follow. Following other people's blogs also helps!

  2. ah yes, nerd mountain. That stemmed from our Friday night dinners at pizza hut when my sister and I would make a mountain of ice cream with all sorts of candy on it. The main candy? Nerds! That's when the whole nerd mountain thing started! Great childhood memories!

  3. Those dessert bars at Pizza Hut were awesome, and that's why we always wanted to go to Pizza Hut and eat in. My dad would just order pizza from Antonio's in Courunna when we wanted pizza instead.. haha

  4. Truly, truly, I sayeth unto thee, my just and worthy liege, YOU are truly anal-retentive! Kick, some, ass!! Few people in the world are like that and fewer still have the bawls to say anything about it --- Join me, puh-leeze, in Heaven Above, girl. God bless you.