Monday, August 2, 2010

A Fishy Adventure

I woke up this morning wondering what new adventure could I embark on today. My sister was in her room getting ready to go fishing. I decided that I would join her and my father just to get some sun and read a book. We arrived at the park and chose a great spot on large rocks. I watched her for ten minutes and then I wanted to fish too. I had never thought that fishing would be fun and therefore never done it before. My sister stopped fishing and we went straight to Canadian Tire to buy me a fishing rod and license. I bought a beautiful pink and white rod and marshmallow sparkly bait. I got really excited, mostly because I had good looking fishing gear. We got back to the park, set up my rod and then......sat there. I was "fishing" for thirty minutes. Every four minutes a fish would nibble on my rod and somehow it got the bait without being caught. I wasted at least twenty sparkly marshmallows. My frustration was beginning to build. I thought maybe we need to change locations. Once we found a new location my father said to me "let me show you how it's done." Yeah right, I thought to myself , this should be good. My father took the rod and literally two minutes later he reeled in a fish. I couldn't believe it! He then tells me that I need to hook the fish when I feel it tug on the line. Thanks for not telling me that. Turns out I had only just been feeding the fish the whole time. Needless to say I did end up catching my first fish today. It was very exciting and gross! I hadn't thought about the end result until I pulled the fish out of the water and said "Okay what now?" My sister told me to grab the fish, take it off and throw it back in the water. She ended up doing it for me the first time. I'm going to head out again later this evening to try my luck again. I hope I don't catch anything or else I'm heading home with a fish on the end of my rod  :)

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  1. Haha you should go fishing with my brother! That's all he does in the summer, and winter!